Gutianshan's caopy




The 24 ha Gutianshan Forest Dynamics Plot was established in 2005. It is a typical mid-subtropical evergreen Broadleaved forest, with the geographical coordinate 29.25°N,118.117°E. The altitude varies from 446.3 m to 714.9 m and the slope ranges from 12° to 62°. Annual mean temperature is 15.3℃ and annual mean precipitation is 1963.7 mm.

There are 140,700 individuals (DBH ≥ 1 cm) in the plot, belonging to 159 species, 104 genera and 49 families. Trees from Fabaceae, Lauraceae and Theaceae are dominant in the plot, such as Castanopsis eyrei and Schima superba. Thirty-two species have more than 1000 individuals in the plot, 59 rare species have less than 1 individual per ha.

The vertical structure of the forest is clear: canopy story, sub-canopy story and shrub story. The maximum DBH is 87.4 cm and the mean value of BDH is 5.21 cm in the plot. The DBH size of individuals in the plot follows the distribution of inverse “J” shape.

Principal Investigator: Xiangcheng Mi, Associate Professor in Institute of Botany, CAS. His main research interest is the ecology and evolution of forest community.

Mingjian Yu, Professor of Zhejiang University. His research mainly focusses on vegetation ecology, biodiversity and island biogeography.

Research team: Haibao Ren, Jiangshan Lai , Lei Chen, Yanjun Du, Xiaojuan Liu, Jianhua Xue, Yu Liang, Yan Zhu, Ping Ding, Jianhua Chen, Yixin Bao, Liangdong Guo, Xiaodong Yu, Minghong Li, and Jinsong Liu.

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Ecological Zone: 
Subtropical humid forest
Number of Trees:
Number of species:
600 x 400
Latitude: 29.250000000000
Longitude: 118.117000000000
Number of Censuses: