The 20 ha Donglingshan Forest Dynamics Plot was established in 2010 in the Dongling Mountains with the geographical coordinates of  39.96°N, 115.43°E. The plot is warm temperate deciduous Broadleaved forest. The mean elevation of the plot is 1395m, and the terrain is relatively steep with the elevation change of 219.3 m, ranging from 20° to 60°. The plot belongs to a warm temperate continental monsoon climate. The mean annual rain fall is 500-650 mm and annual average temperature is 4.8℃.

The plot is a typical warm temperate secondary forest, which has obvious dominant species all belonging to deciduous Broadleaved trees (e.g. Quercus wutaishanicaAcer mono and Betula dahurica). Vertical structure was composed of an overstory layer, midstory layer and a shrub layer. The first five species comprised 61% of all individuals, and the first 20 species comprised 92% of all individuals, and there were 52,136 individuals with DBH ≥ 1cm, belonging to 58 species, 33 genera and 18 families. From June to September in 2015, the first re-census was successfully finished, and 20,984 stem and branches were recorded, and the total species number the plots was identified as 54.

Principal Investigator: Yan Zhu, Associate Professor, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her research interests are in forest biodiversity and the mechanisms of species coexistence, focusing on the study of density dependence.

Research Team: Weiguo Sang, Li Zhu, Jihua Hou, and Xingyu Wang

Ecological Zone: 
Temperate mountain system
Number of plot(s):
500 x 400
Latitude: 39.956600000000
Longitude: 115.425000000000
Number of Censuses: 

Principal Scientist