78 Sites
29 Countries
7 Million Trees
12,000 Species

ForestGEO's Mission

The Forest Global Earth Observatory (ForestGEO) is a global network of scientists and forest research sites dedicated to advancing long-term study of the world's forests. The network recognizes the importance of collaborating with local institutions to strengthen science capacity in an era of rapidly changing landscapes and climate to understand and predict forest dynamics.

ForestGEO Sites

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Explore all of ForestGEO's forest research sites with our interactive map. Click on the icons to see more information about each of our sites. Narrow your search by using the filters above the map for type of ecological zone and number of censuses completed. You can also zoom in and move the map around to get a closer look at the sites. Each ForestGEO site is typically between 25 and 50 hectares. In each site, all free-standing trees with a trunk diameter (at breast height) of at least 1 cm are tagged, measured, and identified to species.

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