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The Bidoup Forest Dynamics Plot (BD-FDP) is located in Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province, Lang Biang Plateau of Central Highlands, Vietnam. The plot lies within a tropical evergreen broad-leaved forest mixed with conifers. The first census of the plot was completed in 2012 for 20-ha. The second census was completed in 2017 for 25-ha. The total number of vascular species is 450 (215 tree species). The local fauna and fungi were also recorded in the last censuses. The elevation of the plot ranges from 1516 m to 1597 m above sea level. The local region has a monsoon climate regime with annual mean temperature of 17.56oC, mean annual precipitation of 1,750 mm, and humidity of 83.9% - 97.1%.

Bidoup Research Team

Bach Le  Xuan Nguyen, Data Collector and Manager

Dat Quoc Nguyen, Field Manager, Data Collector and Plant Taxonomist 

Van The Nguyen, Data Collector 

Tri Minh Dang, Data Collector and Plant Taxonomist 

Thach Buu Le, Data Analyist

Number of Trees:
Number of species:
Latitude: 12.172300000000
Longitude: 108.186000000000
Number of Censuses: 

Collaborating Institutions