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The 25 ha (500m×500m) Baishanzu (BSZ) Forest Dynamics Plot is located in Baishanzu Nature Reserve, Qingyuan county, eastern China. With the cooperation of East China Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University, Zhejiang University, Wenzhou University, Lishui University and The BSZ Nature Reserve Management Department, this 25-ha plot was established in 2014, an expansion of the 5 ha plot that had joined the ForestGEO network in 2003.  Field crews completed the first survey of the 25-ha plot in 2016.

Vegetation in the plot is subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in middle mountains. Plot elevation varies from the lowest altitude of 1406.8 m to the highest altitude of 1646.4 m. This area is characterized by a mid-subtropical monsoon climate. The rainfall is concentrated in April – May. According to the results of the first large-scale vegetation survey, there are 204038 individuals (DBH ≥ 1.0 cm, excluding vine species) belonging to 42 families, 86 genera and 149 species.

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Ecological Zone: 
Subtropical humid forest
Number of Trees:
Number of species:
Latitude: 27.761000000000
Longitude: 119.198000000000
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