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The 25 ha dahurian larch forest plot is a typical cold temperate zonal vegetation of Daxing’anling Region, which was established in 2011, located in the north slope of Yilehuli mountains, with the geographical coordinates 51.82°N,122.98°E. The mean elevation is 897 m, with a gentle difference of altitude of 16.6 m. The mean annual temperature is -4℃, mean annual precipitation 458.3 mm, mean annual relative humidity 71%, and mean annual evaporation 911 mm.

The plot has a relatively simple community composition, Larix gmelinii is the dominant species. There are four main community types represented common vegetation landscape characteristics, including: moss - Larix gmelinii forest, herbage - Larix gmelinii forest, Ledum palustre - Larix gmelinii forest, and Rhododendron dauricum- Larix gmelinii forest.

Total number of individuals with DBH ≥1 cm was 209,785 recorded in the plot, belonging to 18 woody species (4 tree species, 14 shrub species), belonging to 12 genera and 6 families. The maximum DBH in the plot was 52 cm, the mean DBH and basal area were 3.87 cm and 20.93 m2/ha, respectively.

Principal Investigator: Ni Hongwei, professor of Institute of Natural Resources, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences. His research interests focus on wetland ecology, biodiversity, restoration ecology, population ecology, vegetation ecology, global change, nature conservation.

Research Team: Zhu Daoguang, Cui Fuxing, Chai Chunrong, Li Jinbo

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Latitude: 51.816700000000
Longitude: 122.998000000000
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