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R Package


Introducing fgeo

fgeo is a new R package for the analysis of ForestGEO data. The fgeo package includes code to access and manipulate datasets, and code to implement a wide range of analyses of plot species distributions, topography, demography, biomass, and species-habitat associations. fgeo includes a searchable list of functions, including help files with explanations and examples of all functions. The fgeo package builds on the original CTFS R package developed by Rick Condit and colleagues that is no longer maintained.

Since fgeo is designed to be a dynamic tool, we welcome feedback, and are particularly interested in suggestions of new code that would be useful to the broader ForestGEO community. Please contact us at with questions and comments.

Access fgeo here.

Search the functions in fgeo here.

See the fgeo packages on CRAN here.