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A 25-ha plot of mid-subtropical mountain evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved mixed forest was established in 2011, with the geographical coordinate 29.77º N, 110.09º E, belonging to north subtropical mountain humid monsoon climate, located at the Eastern Sichun-Western Hubei endemic plant genus distribution center (relic center) and China endemic plant annular region (eastern Sichuan, southwestern Hubei, northwest Hunan and northeastern Guizhou), the distribution center of the genus Fagus and possible origin center. The annual mean temperature is 11.5°C and annual rainfall averages 2105.4 mm.

The dominant trees include evergreen species such as Cyclobalanopsis multinervis, C. myrsinifolia and Schima parviflora etc, and deciduous species, like Fagus lucida, Carpinus fargesii and Sassafras tzumu etc.

Principal Investigator: Jiang Mingxiprofessor of Wuhan Botanical Garden, CAS. His research interests focus on vegetation dynamics, conservation ecology of endangered plants, and structure and function of riparian ecosystems.

Research Team: Lu Zhijun, Wei Xinzeng, Huang Handong, Qiao Xiujuan, Bao Dachuan, Yu Xunlin, YanYuehong, & Xu Yaozhan

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Ecological Zone: 
Subtropical humid forest
Number of species:
500 x 500
Latitude: 29.770000000000
Longitude: 110.090000000000
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