The Ituri Forest is possibly the largest moist forest remaining in Africa, and is exceptionally valuable for its populations of large mammals. Instead of containing one large plot, the Ituri Forest Dynamics Plot is a collection of four 10 ha plots, two in Lenda and two in Edoro. All four plots are located in the Congo Basin in lowland moist forest with seasonal rainfall and very flat terrain. The plots were initiated in 1994 with support from the ForestGEO, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Centre de Formation et de Recherche en Conservation Forestiere (CEFRECOF). The plots focus on the dynamics of populations of mbau (Caesalpiniaceae Gilbertiodendron dewevrei), an abundant canopy tree that dominates substantial areas of the forest and sometimes can comprise from seventy to ninety percent of the canopy. Two of the 10 ha plots are in mixed evergreen forest (at Edoro) and two are in monodominant mbau stands (Lenda). Researchers are exploring the consequence of species dominance on overall forest diversity and the distribution of other tree species. Additionally, the Ituri FDP data is closely linked with ongoing wildlife studies at the site.

Ecological Zone: 
Tropical rainforest
500 x 200; 500 x 200; 200 x 500; 200 x 500
Latitude: 1.436800000000
Longitude: 28.582600000000
Number of Censuses: 
Number of Trees:
Number of species:

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