If you are interested in using data from Wabikon, please read the Terms & Conditions prior to submitting your Data Request Form.

Data Request: Our goal is to make the Wabikon Lake Forest Dynamics Plot data available to all researchers and students. But maintaining the Wabikon Lake project requires enormous field effort and an ongoing financial commitment by several parties, and we thus require that the Principal Investigators of the Wabikon Lake Plot be considered collaborators on any project making use of the data and be included as co-authors on any articles or presentations, unless they explicitly state otherwise.

Non-transferability: So that we can vouch for the accuracy of the data, and so we get a record of every use, we ask that the prospective investigator not share the Wabikon Lake Forest data with other parties not included on the Request for Data Access Proposal.

Copies of articles: Copies of articles should be sent to the PIs: Robert Howe (hower@uwgb.edu), Amy Wolf (wolfa@uwgb.edu), and Gary Fewless (fewlessg@uwgb.edu) prior to submission. Once published, any manuscript making use of the Wabikon Lake Forest data should be sent to the PIs.  Upon publication, a PDF copy of (or a link to) the article should also be sent to forestgeo@si.edu.

Acknowledgements: Please acknowledge the funding that allowed the creation of the plot in any publications that arise from our data.

Find the request form for Wabikon's tree data here.