Postdoctoral Fellow


Krishna Anujan is a Smithsonian Institution Postdoctoral Fellow working on tropical forest growth with ForestGEO. Her work focused on understanding the causes and consequences of interannual growth variation among tropical tree species across functional types. Currently focussed on sites in Thailand, Krishna’s work combines ForestGEO’s long-term forest dynamics datasets with individual-based modelling to understand climate sensitivities of tree growth across diverse tropical species. She is also focussed on developing data-based learning modules for universities participating in ForestGEO efforts from the results of her work. Krishna is from Kochi, India and has received a PhD in Ecology and Environmental Biology from Columbia University in 2023 where her work focussed on understanding the relationship between tropical forest biodiversity and productivity. Besides research, she actively contributes to science communication and outreach through diverse media as well as place-based education efforts at her continuing field site in the Andaman Islands, India.

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