Principal Investigators


Research Interests

Watershed ecology; biodiversity, ecohydrology and biogeochemistry in urban and rural systems; riparian ecosystems; landscape ecology; geospatial applications

Recent Research Activities

Developing novel methods for high-resolution stream mapping (Chesapeake Bay Trust)

Measuring the impacts of stream restoration on physical habitat with remote observation from UAVs (MD SeaGrant)

Novel approaches for measuring physical habitat in streams (MD SeaGrant)

Methods for quantifying urban landscape spatiotemporal heterogeneity (Baltimore Ecosystem Study)

Geomorphic effects of dam removal on the Patapsco River (American Rivers, NOAA)

Biodiversity, structural, and functional characteristics of forest patches along urban land use gradients (in partnership with Baltimore Greenspace, USFS, Baltimore Ecosystem Study)

Long-term change in urban forests: the ForestGEO network (Smithsonian Institution)

Threshold Indicator Taxa ANalysis (TITAN): download R package from CRAN here

Causal Analysis: applications of machine learning to inform hypotheses and structural equations

Unpacking impacts of impervious surface on stream assemblages (USGS, Mass. Dept Fish and Game)