浙江古田山濒危植物香果树群落组成和结构特征 / The community composition and structural characteristics of Emmenopterys henryi forest, an endangered species in Gutianshan, Zhejiang Province

香果树(Emmenopterys henryi)为中国特有的孑遗植物,国家Ⅱ级保护植物。参照CTFS(Center for Tropical Forest Science)固定样地的调查方法,对古田山自然保护区香果树野生群落的生境特点、物种组成、群落外貌、垂直结构、生物量、物种多样性以及种群动态等进行调查。结果表明,古田山香果树群落主要分布于海拔600~850 m的沟谷地带,生长地岩石裸露度较高,部分群落盖度较高。样地内共有维管植物47科、71属、89种,植物种类较为丰富,科属组成较为分散,壳斗科、山茶科和樟科的种类相对较多;从属的地理成分看,热带分布的属与温带分布的属的比例分别为51.47%和44.12%,体现了亚热带森林的植物区系特点。群落垂直结构较为明显,可分为乔木层、灌木层和草本层,并有一定数量的层间植物;乔木层、灌木层和草本层的物种多样性大小为乔木层>灌木层>草本层。香果树种群的年龄结构属稳定型,但物种个体总数较少,仍需注意加强保护。该研究可为古田山香果树群落的发生、发展和演替的深入研究提供基础数据,为古田山自然保护区香果树群落濒危机制探讨、有效保护和生态系统管理提供理论支持。 

Emmenopterys henryi is a unique Chinese relict plant and a national Grade II protected plant. According to the CTFS (Center for Tropical Forest Science) fixed plot survey method, the habitat characteristics, species composition, community appearance, vertical structure, biomass, species diversity and population dynamics of the wild fruit of the fragrant fruit trees in Gutian Mountain Nature Reserve were carried out. survey. The results showed that the Gutianshan fragrant fruit tree community was mainly distributed in the gully zone with an altitude of 600~850 m. The bareness of the growing ground was higher and the coverage of some communities was higher. There are 47 families, 71 genera and 89 species of vascular plants in the plot. The plant species are rich, the family composition is relatively scattered, and the species of the family Fagaceae, Camellia and Polygonaceae are relatively large; the geographical components of the subordinates are tropical. The proportions of genus and temperate distribution are 51.47% and 44.12%, respectively, reflecting the flora characteristics of subtropical forests. The vertical structure of the community is obvious, which can be divided into arbor layer, shrub layer and herb layer, and there are a certain number of inter-layer plants; the species diversity of arbor layer, shrub layer and herb layer is arbor layer > shrub layer > herb layer. The age structure of the fragrant fruit tree population is stable, but the total number of individual species is small, and it is necessary to pay attention to strengthen protection. This study can provide basic data for the in-depth study of the occurrence, development and succession of the Gutianshan fragrant fruit tree community, and provide theoretical support for the discussion of the crisis system, effective protection and ecosystem management of the fragrant fruit tree community in Gutian Mountain Nature Reserve.

Abstract in Chinese and English, article in Chinese only.

芦伟, 唐战胜, 郑振杰, 叶冠宏, 陈声文, 王云泉, 叶铎, 刘鹏, 陈建华 / W. Lu, Z. Tang, Z. Zheng, G. Ye, S. Chen, Y. Wang, D. Ye, P. Liu, & J. Chen
生态环境学报 / Chinese Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences