Seminar Series: Past Speakers


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  • José A. Medina-Vega: The distribution of ectomycorrhizal tree symbionts in lowland tropical forests


  • Jim Dalling: Introducing the Trelease Woods Forest Dynamics: A century of ecological research in an Illinois deciduous forest

APRIL - no Seminar Series


  • Vanessa Rubio (she/her): "Functional groups, determinism and the dynamics of a tropical forest"
  • Albert Y. Kim (he/him): "Using GitHub Actions continuous integration to automate quality assurance and control of ecological data


  • Helene Muller-Landau: "Interspecific variation in tree-liana interactions and the implications for forest dynamics"
  • Marcel Vaz: "Poor soils, rich forest: How leaf nutrients can mediate niche partitioning in the Central Amazon"


  • Warren Brockelman: "Some research findings from the Mo Singto Plot: Why are there so few species of trees?"
  • Cameron Dow: "Warmer spring temperatures in temperate deciduous forests advance the timing of tree growth but have little effect on annual woody productivity"



  • Iveren Abiem: "To what extent do factors influencing species trajectories in lowland tropical forests apply to Afromontane counterparts?"
  • Nidhi Vinod: "Thermal sensitivity across forest vertical profiles: patterns, mechanisms, and ecological implications - a review"


  • Adam Martin: "Patterns and (Serious) Impacts of Beech Bark Disease in an Unmanaged Temperate Forest"
  • Brian Enquist: "An Introduction to the San Emilio Forest Dynamics Plot: Assessing the drivers underlying four decades of change in a neotropical seasonally dry forest"


  •  Special Format: A conversation between Stuart Davies, Steve Hubbell, and Peter Ashton on the history and future directions of ForestGEO


  • Melina de Souza Leite: The dominant role of taxonomy in global forests: Disentangling the major contributions to tree demography
  • Pavel Samonil: Tree mortality may drive landscape formation: comparative study from ten temperate forests


  • Yu-Yun Chen: Does masting matter? Fate of seedlings in a general flowering forest
  • Xugao Wang: How mycorrhizal associations influence diversity-biomass relationships among forests


  • Lisa Hülsmann: Is there a latitudinal gradient in CNDD? Evidence from a new cross-site analysis based on tree mortality
  • Yves Basset: ForestGEO Arthropod Initiative


  • Yuanzhi Li: Are higher-order interactions prevalent in forests? An empirical test
  • Jenn Baltzer: Permafrost thaw as a driver of species turnover and forest productivity change in a boreal peatland

MAY - Lightning Talk Edition

  • Kasia Ziemińska ON wood anatomy after a hurricane
  • Nia Perron ON boreal peatland transpiration change
  • Ben Kopania ON quantifying tropical branch turnover
  • Andrea Drager ON Korup's understory floral visitors
  • Bier Kraichak ON allometry for tropical seedlings


  • Monique Weemstra: Roots and leaves modulate each other’s effects on tree growth
  • Ryan Mushinski: Using mycorrhizal categories to better define soil nitrogen cycling in temperate forests


  • Evan Gora: Lightning in tropical forests: ecological effects and contributions to forest dynamics
  • Luiza Aparecido & Benjamin Blonder: Does leaf venation reticulation provide damage resistance or resilience to herbivory?


  • Chris Wills: "Interactions Between All Pairs of Neighboring Trees in 16 Forests Worldwide: Ecological Processes and Evolutionary Histories"
  • Kristina Anderson-Teixeira: "Using tree-ring records to simultaneously characterize the influence of climate, tree size, and slowly changing environmental drivers on annual growth"


  • Bailey McNichol: "Topographic niches of woody species at a biogeographic crossroads in the Midwestern USA"
  • Moses Libalah: "Interspecific demographic variation among growth-forms of tropical rainforests trees"



  • Jess Zimmerman: "Luquillo FDP: Update with any eye on drought"
  • KC Cushman: "Insights into tropical forest gap dynamics from repeat drone photogrammetry"


  • Matthew Luskin: "Large wildlife as an important source of conspecific negative density dependence in tree recruitment in ForestGEO plots"
  • Elsa Ordway: "Capturing variation in tropical forest structure and function in an Ecosystem Demography model"


  • David Burslem: "Role of soil fungal networks in the maintenance of tree species richness of tropical and subtropical forests"
  • Daniel Zuleta: "Patterns and modes of tropical tree mortality"


  • Camille Piponiot: "Size-related carbon dynamics in ForestGEO sites"
  • Dan Johnson: "Longleaf pine forest dynamics: low richness – complex coexistence"