大兴安岭兴安落叶松林土壤真菌群落特征研究 / Characteristics of soil fungi community in Larix gmelinii forest in Daxing'anling Mountains

为了研究不同林型兴安落叶松林土壤真菌群落结构特征,探讨土壤真菌群落结构变化的影响因子,进一步弄清楚土壤真菌群落结构与不同兴安落叶松林之间的关系和作用。 本研究分别以藓类兴安落叶松林、杜香兴安落叶松林、草类兴安落叶松林和杜鹃兴安落叶松林的土壤真菌为研究对象,采用高通量测序方法对土壤进行测序,分析了土壤真菌的Alpha多样性、物种组成和丰度,并研究土壤理化性质对真菌群落结构的影响。 结果表明,大兴安岭兴安落叶松林共检测到4门11纲36目63科74属土壤真菌。 优势菌门为子囊菌门Ascomycota、担子菌门Basidiomycota、接合菌门Zygomycota、壶菌门Chytridiomycota,主要的优势菌属为隐球菌属Cryptococcus、小轮孢霉属Troposporella、丝膜菌属Cortinarius、拟锁瑚菌属Clavulinopsis(5.63%)、被孢霉属Mortierella、虫草属Cordyceps。 Mortierella、Udeniomyces、Cortinarius、Cryptococcus、Trichoderma、Cordyceps、Clavulinopsis等菌属受土壤环境因子和土壤理化性质影响显著。 通过冗余分析发现,土壤含水率、p H值、土壤氮、土壤磷、有机碳等是不同土壤环境中土壤真菌群落结构变化的重要影响因子。 本研究表明寒温带兴安落叶松林中不同土壤环境的土壤真菌群落存在差异,土壤真菌群落与土壤环境因子之间具有相关性。

In order to study the soil fungal community structure characteristics of different forest types in Larix gmelinii forest, the influencing factors of soil fungal community structure change were discussed, and the relationship between soil fungal community structure and different Larix gmelinii forests was further clarified. In this study, the soil fungi of the Larix gmelinii forest, Duxiang Xing'an larch forest, grassland Xing'an larch forest and Rhododendron chinensis L. forest were studied. High-throughput sequencing method was used to sequence the soil and analyze the Alpha of soil fungi. Diversity, species composition and abundance, and study the effects of soil physicochemical properties on fungal community structure. The results showed that a total of 4 orders, 11 orders, 36 orders, 63 families and 74 genera of soil fungi were detected in the Larix gmelinii forest in Daxing'anling. The dominant bacteria are Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, Zygomycota, and Chytridiomycota. The main dominant genus is Cryptococcus, Troposporella, Cortinarius, and Quasi-lock. Clavulinopsis (5.63%), Mortierella, Cordyceps. Mortierella, Udeniomyces, Cortinarius, Cryptococcus, Trichoderma, Cordyceps, Clavulinopsis and other genus are significantly affected by soil environmental factors and soil physical and chemical properties. Through redundant analysis, soil moisture content, p H value, soil nitrogen, soil phosphorus and organic carbon are important factors affecting soil fungal community structure changes in different soil environments. This study showed that there were differences in soil fungal communities in different soil environments in the Larix gmelinii forest in the cold temperate zone, and there was a correlation between soil fungi community and soil environmental factors.

Abstract in Chinese and English; article in Chinese only.

杨立宾, 隋心, 朱道光, 崔福星, 李金博, 宋瑞清, 倪红伟 / L. Yang, X. Sui, D. Zhu, F. Cui, J. Li, R. Song, & H. Ni
中南林业科技大学学报 / Journal of Central South University of Forestry & Technology