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Grant Recipients and Reports



ForestGEO supports research associated with our network of forest sites through the Research Grants Program. The grant program provides opportunities for senior researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students to use existing ForestGEO sites to conduct research with scientists affiliated with them.

The following includes a collection of past grant recipients, their nationality, the proposal title and subject, the locations for study, and available final reports. This collection includes grant projects from 2002 up to 2017.




Cycle: 2017

Abiem, Iveren

Nigeria The role of topography, rainfall and inter-specific negative density dependence in shaping species distributions in tropical Afromontane Forest Ngel Nyaki, Nigeria

Keller, Adrienne

USA A tree’s perspective of forest nutrient cycling: linking above- and belowground tree nutrient strategies SERC, USA; Lilly Dickey Woods, USA; Harvard Forest, USA

Mathias, Justin

USA Using dendroisotopes to disentangle processes of forest recovery from decades of acid deposition SCBI, USA

McMichael, Crystal

USA Lichen diversity along a latitudinal gradient San Lorenzo, Panama; Amacayacu, Colombia; Yasuni, Ecuador

Pongpattananurak, Nantachai

Thailand Lichen diversity along a latitudinal gradient HKK, Thailand

Raczka, Nanette

USA Lichen diversity along a latitudinal gradient SCBI, USA

Zuleta, Daniel

Colombia Lichen diversity along a latitudinal gradient Amacayacu, Colombia

Cycle: 2016

Cerqueira, Marconi Campos

Brazil A new look at spatial patterns of species diversity through acoustic monitoring Amacayacu, Colombia; BCI, Panama; Harvard Forest, USA; Ilha do Cardoso, Brazil; Luquillo, Puerto Rico; Manaus, Brazil; SCBI, USA; SERC, USA; Wabikon, USA; Yosemite, USA

Chuyong, George B.

Cameroon Seedling mortality along a water availability continuum in a strongly seasonal tropical forest at Korup National Park, SW Cameroon Korup, Cameroon

Jackson, Tobias

UK Tree mechanics and wind dynamics - fieldwork in Danum Valley, Borneo Danum Valley, Malaysia; Wytham Woods, UK

Midoko Iponga, Donald

Gabon The potential impact of the interaction between host forest tree species and wood-inhabiting fungi in the Rabi plot in Gabon: Do wood-inhabiting fungi impact tree growth and mortality in Rabi plot? Rabi, Gabon

Milligan, Patrick Devin

USA Consequences of big-headed ant invasion for a key ecosystem function in an East African savanna Mpala, Kenya

Pappas, Christoforos

Greece Plant trait plasticity in a boreal forest undergoing rapid environmental changes Danum Valley, Malaysia; Wytham Woods, UK

Scharnagl, Klara

USA Lichen diversity along a latitudinal gradient BCI, Panama; Harvard Forest, USA; Scotty Creek Forest, Canada; Yasuni, Ecuador

Toapanta, Cristina, E.

Ecuador Understanding the biology and ecology of a new rhizomorphic Polyporus species from the Yasuni National Park Forest Dynamic Plot, Ecuador Yasuni, Ecuador

Cycle: 2015

Becker, Kendall

USA Controls on post-fire seedling recruitment in the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot, California, USA Yosemite, USA
Drager, Andrea USA Staying connected: how pollination relates to tree density in the Afrotropics Korup, Cameroon
Dyer, James USA Using a Water Balance Approach to Examine Temperate Forest Dynamics in Complex Terrain SCBI, USA; Lilly Dickey Woods, USA; Tyson Research Center, USA
Kraichak, Ekaphan Thailand Relative Importances of Host Characters and Spatial Structure on Tropical Epiphytic Communities Khao Chong, Thailand
Riutta, Terhi Finland Quantifying ecosystem effects of insect herbivory on common oak in Wytham Woods, UK Wytham Woods, UK
Stark, Scott USA Rapidly advancing understanding of sizestructured forest dynamics in temperate and tropical forests with a highthroughput remote sensing approach BCI, Panama; SERC, USA
Cycle: 2014
Craig, Matthew USA Framework for quantifying drivers of soil carbon dynamics Lilly Dicky Woods, SCBI, SERC, Tyson Research Center, and Wind River, USA
Jaramillo, Carlos Colombia Pollen flora of the Amacayacu 25 Ha Plot: adding a geological time scale dimension to SIGEO plots Amacayacu, Colombia
Lewis, Owen UK Botanical and entomological datasets Wanang, Papau New Guinea
Ng, Jan USA Shifts in tree spatial patterns following reintroduction of fire disturbance Yosemite, USA
Zhang, Jian China Testing the potentials of drones in CTFS long-term monitoring network Dinghushan, China
Cycle: 2013
Barth, Molly USA Fire history of the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot Yosemite, CA, USA
Cushman, KC USA Estimates of biomass change in buttressed trees Yasuni, Ecuador; Bukit Timah, Singapore; Khao Chong and Huai Kha Khaeng, Thailand
Dahl, Chris Papua New Guinea Assemblages of seed-and fruit-feeding insects in tropical rainforests BCI, Panama; Khao Chong, Thailand; and Wanang, Papua New Guinea
Kimuyu, Duncan Kenya Elephant browsing damage on Acacia drepanolobium trees Mpala, Kenya
Lien, Lien Canada Seed dispersal within the Korup National Park and Southwest Cameroon Korup, Cameroon
McEwan, Ryan USA Taxonomic and functional diversity, and typhoon impacts on subtropical forests of Taiwan Fushan and Lienhuachih, Taiwan
McNickle, Gordon Canada Model for tree allocation to roots, wood and leaves based evolutionary stable strategies Scotty Creek, USA
Min, Kang Sri Lanka Loss of large fauna on the dispersal and recruitment of big seeded plan - Bukit Timah, Pasoh, Lambir, and Khao Chong Bukit Timah, Pasoh, Lambir, and Khao Chong
Spasojevic, Marko USA Regional functional diversity on local community assembly across a temperate biodiversity gradient Tyson Research Center, SERC, and Yosemite, USA
Umana, Maria Natalia Colombia Negative Density Dependence in the Xishuangbanna Forest Xishuangbanna, China
Wei, Na China Ecological and genetic consequences of effective seed dispersal in tropical trees BCI, Panama
Cycle: 2010
Chen, Lei China The role of density dependence in community assembly: Implications from adult tree patt ern and seedling dynamics in both subtropical and tropical forest Gutianshan, China
Enright, Neal Australia Understanding the population dynamics of Nageia motleyi (Podocarpaceae) in lowland tropical rainforests of South-east Asia Pasoh, Malaysia
Ferraz, Gonçalo; Cornelius, Cintia Brazil Predicting occurrence of cavity-nesting birds from tree demographic data. Manaus, Brazil
Gorchov, David L.; McCormick, Melissa K.; Whigham, Dennis F. USA Exotic Plant Invasion in Temperate Deciduous Forest: Patterns and processes SERC, USA
Kembel, Steven; Green, Jessica Canada Quantifying the scaling of bacterial phyllosphere diversity: The role of space, environment, and host plant attributes BCI, Panama
Quinn, Eadaoin M.I. USA Does age-related crown thinning occur in canopy-dominant tropical trees? BCI, Panama
Siewe, Siewe Siewe; Vadjunec, Jacqueline Cameroon Degradation and carbon stocks dynamics: An analysis of the anthropogenic impact on deforestation and degradation in the Korup National Park Korup, Cameroon
Spear, Erin USA Agents of change: Identifying phytopathogens and their contributions to tree diversity BCI, Panama
Tiansawat, Pimonrat Malaysia Ecological significance of seed traits in the genus Macaranga Lambir, Malaysia
Cycle: 2009
Alves, Luciana Brazil Assessment of aboveground carbon pools of a tropical moist forest (Ilha do Cardoso, Brazil) Ihla do Cardozo, Brazil
Burnham, Robyn USA Liana diversity and abundance on ten half-hectare plots in PDBFF (CTFS) and PPBIO sites near Manaus, Brazil BDFFP & near sites
Inman-Narahari, Faith USA Seed Rain and Seedling Recruitment in Hawai’i Laupahoehoe, Hawaii
Witte, Isabelle Canada Are boreal forests more structurally complex than temperate or tropical forests, and at which scales? A comparison of tropical, temperate, and boreal mixedwood systems BCI, Panama
Hardesty, Britta Denise USA Where have all the parents gone – using inverse modeling to predict the location of unobserved parents in tropical forests BCI, Panama
Parker, John USA Impacts of alien plant invasions and overabundant deer on forest regeneration and community dynamics in a temperate deciduous forest SERC, USA
Rueger, Nadja Germany Parameterization of an individual-based forest model for Barro Colorado Island, Panama BCI, Panama
Xioajuan, Liu China Relationships between traits and species distribution: a BCI-GTS comparison  BCI, Panama; Gutianshan, China
Tang, Yong China Seeds are washed away: the role of streams in the seed dynamics in a 20 ha Dipterocarp rainforest Xishuangbanna, China
Cycle: 2008
Chen, Yu-Yun  Taiwan, Republic of China A test of density dependence in various life stage transitions in a lowland dipterocarp forest: contrasting species performance between general flowering and non-general flowering years. Pasoh, Malaysia
Dick, Christopher  USA Well dispersed or well disguised? A curatorial initiative focused on 85 tree species shared between BCI and Yasuní BCI, Panama; Yasuni, Ecuador; Manaus, Brazil
Greenberg, David; Mazer, Susan J. USA Surface flow, solar radiation, and tree distributions: can we untangle the effects of water and light on tropical forest community structure? Yasuni, Ecuador; Korup, Cameroon; Sinharaja, Sri Lanka
Jones, Andy; Jansen, Patrick USA Density-dependent reproduction and pollen flow in a common Neotropical tree: a landscape-scale study of Jacaranda copaia on Barro Colorado Island, Panama BCI, Panama
Khoon, Kho Lip; Malhi, Yadvinder; Tan Kheng San, Sylvester Malaysia Exploring Belowground Productivity and Carbon Cycling of Tropical Forest in the 52-ha Lambir Hills Forest Dynamics Plot Lambir, Malaysia
Manzane, Eric Panama Linking liana seedling population ecology at regional and local scale in the Panama Isthmus BCI, Panama
Zanforlin Martini, Adriana Maria Brazil Do sympatric species of Myrtaceae diverge in their germination requirements in a restinga forest? Ilha do Cardoso, Brazil
Zhang, Jian Zhang PR China The Role of Seed Morphology on Seed Dispersal and Forest Regeneration in a 25 ha Old-growth Temperate Forest Plot Changbaishan, China
Cycle: 2007
Consunji, Hazel T. Philippines Do edaphic factors influence floristic and performance variation of trees in a lowland dipterocarp forest in Palanan, Philippines? Palanan, Philippines
King, David Alan USA Inferring Height Growth Histories From Leaf Scars in Palms BCI, Panama
Peay, KG; Bruns, TD   Assemblage structure, host preferences and edaphic specialization of Lambir, Malaysia
Singhakumara, B.M.P. Sri Lanka Comparative physio-morphological traits of mature-phase trees in a Sinharaja, Sri Lanka
Bt Kamarul Bahrin, Nurfazliza Malaysia Species Diversity of Lianas in the 50-ha plot in the Lowland Dipterocarp of Pasoh Forest Reserve, Malaysia Pasoh, Malaysia
Boardman Kraft, Nathan Jared USA Creating a species- level leaf trait database for the Yasuni FDP Yasuni
Burnham, Robyn J.  USA Amazonian Lianas: A Comparison of Two Terra Firme Climber Communities Manaus, Brazil; Yasuní, Ecuador
Kaspari, Mike USA Towards a spatial ecology of brown food webs: soil nutrients and trees as templates Barro Colorado Island, Yasuni
Lake, Jeffrey K. USA Variation in Leaf Functional Traits:  Niche Structure, Spatial Patterns and Tree Performance in the Forest at Barro Colorado Island, Panama BCI
Mbua Ngale Efange, Simon Cameroon Correlation of bark phytochemicals from Annickia chlorantha with physiological and environmental variables across a forested African landscape Korup, Cameroon final report
Poussart, Pascale M.; Chave, Jerome; Devall, Margaret S. Canada Extracting age and growth information from tropical ringless trees using seasonally-resolved dendrochemical measurements Peninsula Gigante (Panama), La Planada, Yasuní, French Guiana, Korup and Sinharaja
Rüger, Nadja Germany From tree species characteristics to population and community dynamics – investigations with the individual-based forest model FORMIND BCI, Panama
Queenborough, Simon A. UK Reproductive strategies of Myristicaceae in Amazonian Ecuador: Factors affecting fruit production and initiation Yasuni, Ecuador

Cycle: 2005

Arnold, A. Elizabeth; Suryanarayanan, Trichur S. USA Multi-scale analysis of tropical microbial diversity: cryptic fungal symbionts of tropical forest trees Mudumalai, India; Korup, Cameroon; BCI, Panama
Astaras, Christos Greece Assessment of Drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus) Feeding Ecology and Food Availability in Korup National Park, Southwest Cameroon Korup, Cameroon
Baltzer, Jennifer L. Canada The physiological basis of latitudinal gradients in species diversity: comparisons between everwet and seasonal forests in Malaysia and Thailand Khao Chong, Thailand; Pasoh, Malaysia
Garwood, Nancy C.; Wright, Joseph; Valencia, Renato USA Long-term variation in plant reproduction in an Ecuadorian rainforest Yasuni, Ecuador; BCI, Panama
Hardesty, Britta Denise USA Dispersal: Empirical and theoretical considerations of seed arrival, seedling recruitment, and seedling survival in a vertebrate-dispersed tree BCI, Panama
Hooper, Elaine R. Canada Effect of forest fragmentation on seed dispersal and forest regeneration at the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project site in the Central Amazon Manaus, Brasil    
Kenfack, David Cameroon Patterns of morphological and molecular diversification in Carapa (Swieteniodeae – Meliaceae) Korup, Cameroon; Ituri, Congo; Manaus, Brazil; La Planada, Colombia; Yasuni, Ecuador
de Oliveira, Alexandre; Harms, Kyle E. Brazil Rectifying Taxonomy Between the Two Amazonian CTFS Plots Manaus, Brasil; Yasuni, Ecuador
Potts, Matthew D. ; Kassim, Abd. Rahman USA Grouping Species into Functional Types and Characterizing Species Allometric Relationships in the Pasoh Forest To Aid in the Parameterization of the FORMIND Forest Model Pasoh, Malaysia
Schnitzer, Stefan A. USA Do Edaphic Factors Determine the Abundance of Lianas in Tropical Forests? Huai Kha Khaeng and Khao Chong, Thailand; La Planada, Colombia;BCI, Panama
Turner, Benjamin L.; Bardgett, Richard D. UK Phosphorus Limitation in Tropical Rainforests: Testing the Theory at Large Spatial Scales BCI, Panama; Bukit, Singapore; Doi Inthanon, Khao Chong, and Huai Kha Khaeng, Thailand;   Korup, Cameroon; Lambir, Malaysia; Luquillo, Puerto Rico; Palanan, Philippines; Pasoh, Malaysia; Sinharaja, Sri Lanka; Yasuni, Ecuador
Zartman, Charles E.; Harms, Kyle E.; de Oliveira, Alexandre; Mesquita Ferreira,  Antônia USA Creating Identification Resources for Flowers, Fruits, Seeds, and Seedlings from the Brazilian CTFS Plot Manaus, Brazil
Zimmerman, Jess K. USA Long-Term Variation in Plant Reproduction and Seedling Establishment in the Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Cycle: August 2004
Chave, Jérôme France Contribution of tropical forest trees to the carbon cycle: Refining biomass estimates Yasuni, Ecuador; La Planada, Colombia; Korup, Cameroon; Sinharaja, Sri Lanka
Chuyong, George; Kenfack, David; Thomas, Duncan Cameroon Habitat specificity and diversity in the Korup Forest Dynamics Plot, Cameroon Korup, Cameroon
Hooper, Elaine R. Canada Effect of forest fragmentation on seed dispersal and forest regeneration at the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project site in the Central Amazon BDFFP; Manaus, Brazil
Ichie, Tomoaki Japan Soil-related physiological and morphological adaptation in Dipterocarp rain forest species in Borneo Lambir, Malaysia
King, David Alan USA Wood density and adult tree height in Malaysian forests Pasoh, Malaysia; Lambir, Malaysia
Linder, Joshua M. USA Differential vulnerability of primates to hunting in Korup National Park, Cameroon: Implications for primate conservation Korup, Cameroon
Lyon, Mandela USA Dicot leaf morphology in tropical forests: Determining the significance of climate, ecology, and evolutionary history in shaping leaves BCI, Panama; Korup, Cameroon; Lambir, Malaysia; Pasoh, Malaysia
Mullins, Chris UK Development of a protocol to characterize soil drought stress for use in within- and among-site comparisons of the CTFS Forest Dynamics Plots BCI, Panama
Nkongolo, Nsalambi V. Dem. Rep. of Congo Spatial distribution of soil properties in Ituri Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo Ituri, Dem. Rep. of Congo
F. Athanasius, Nkwatoh Cameroon Assessment of Non-Timber Forest Products economic potentials in the Korup Forest Dynamics Plot, Mundemba Cameroon Korup, Cameroon
Pakkad, Greuk; Kanzaki, Mamoru; Sringernyuang, Kraingsak Thailand Genetic variation and gene flow ofCastanopsis acuminatissima(Bl.) A. DC.  in Doi Inthanon National Park Forest Dynamic Plot, Thailand Doi Inthanon, Thailand
Robinson, W. Douglas USA Linking bird and tree communities in Central and South American forests BCI, Panama; Yasuni, Ecuador
Shamsuddin, Siti Aisah; Marryanna, L.; Saiful Iskandar, K Malaysia Characterization of plant community in relation to fine-scale variation in topography and water availability in Pasoh 50-ha demography plot Pasoh, Malaysia
Villa Munoz, Gorky Ecuador Brownea grandiceps used to study evolutionary processes of diversification in rain forest trees Yasuni, Ecuador
Weber, Jean France Structure of ectomycorrhizal communities in a Dipterocarp forest and its relationship to Dipterocarp distribution Pasoh, Malaysia
Yaacob, Adzmi; Rahman Kassim, Abd.; Supardi Md. Noor, Nur Malaysia Spatial pattern of soil nutrient distribution in the 50-ha plot of Pasoh forest reserve Pasoh, Malaysia
Cycle: February 2004
Aguilar, Zornitza Ecuador Influence of the indigenous communities on the conservation of Ungurahua palm Yasuni, Ecuador
Baker, Patrick USA Reconstructing historical disturbance regimes and forest stand dynamics in the forest mosaic of the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, western Thailand HKK, Thailand
Burslem, David; Gunatilleke, I. A. U. N. UK, Sri Lanka Ecological drivers of mast fruiting in Dipterocarps Sinharaja, Sri Lanka
Egbe, Andrew Cameroon Forest disturbance and natural regeneration in an African rainforest at Koru, Cameroon Korup, Cameroon
Heartsill-Scalley, Tamara USA (Puerto Rico) Characterization of riparian zones in tropical, montane rainforest: Quantifying vegetation composition and litter input Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Jadhav, Yogesh India Modeling spatio-temporal populations of invasive plant species and their ecological impacts on forest sustainability and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (India) Mudumalai, India
Lohman, David USA The role of host plant specificity and spatial dynamics in the biodiversity of a tropical herbivore guild Khao Chong, Thailand
Lopez, Omar Panama The interaction of light and soil moisture availability in the photosynthetic performance of tropical tree seedlings: Implications for seedling growth and survival in seasonal tropical forests BCI, Panama
Nkongolo, Nsalambi Dem. Rep. of Congo Spatial distributions of soil properties in Ituri Forest: Impacts on canopy species and potential for nitrous oxide emissions Ituri, Dem. Rep. of Congo
Parker, Geoffrey USA Comparative study of tropical forest canopy structure using a ground based LIDAR BCI, Panama; Luquillo, Puerto Rico; Yasuni, Ecuador; Manaus, Brazil; Pasoh, Malaysia; HKK and Khao Chong, Thailand
Portugal, Ana Bolivia Effects of habitat on pteriphyte distribution in the forest dynamics plot on BCI BCI, Panama
Queenborough, Simon UK Reproductive behavior of Mystecaceae in Yasuni, Amazonian Ecuador Yasuni, Ecuador
Russo, Sabrina USA Is there a functional basis for edaphically associated floristic variation in a Bornean Rainforest? Lambir, Sarawak, Malaysia
Thompson, Jill UK Seedling dynamics in the Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot and parameters for a SORTIE model Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Cycle: 2003
Baillie, Ian UK An investigation of the contribution of reserve nutrients and other subsoil attributes to the edaphic environments of two climatically contrasting CTFS plots Lambir, Malaysia; HKK, Thailand
Bohlman, Stephanie US Structure and species composition of the forest canopy and its impact on tree growth: combining aerial photographs with Forest Dynamics Plot data BCI, Panama
Brenes, Tania Costa Rica Herbivore pressure, Ingachemistry, toxicity and defensive ants: Comparison of the tropical communities Yasuni, Ecuador; BCI, Panama
Davidar, Priya; Gunatilleke, I.A.U.N.; Gunatilleke, C.V.S. India Comparison of fruit characteristics, dispersal syndromes and seed dispersal in lowland rain forests of the Western Ghats and Sri Lanka India; Sinharaja, Sri Lanka
Dick, Christopher; Austerlitz, Frederic; Bermingham, Eldredge USA Pollen dispersal limitation in tropical rainforests: A comparative study in BCI and Yasuni BCI, Panama; Yasuni, Ecuador
Engelbrecht, Bettina; Comita, Liza Germany Linking seedling drought resistance with species habitat associations: Dry season mortality BCI, Panama
F. Athanasius, Nkwatoh Cameroon A proposal on the assessment of Non-Timber Forest Products economy potentials in the Korup Forest Dynamics Plot Korup, Cameroon
Garrett, Karen USA Invasibility of tropical forest by pathogens BCI, Panama
Hamann, Hillary USA Nutrient movement and loss by differing runoff pathways in tropical forests soil: an inter site comparison of CTFS tropical forest plots Yasuni, Ecuador; BCI, Panama; KM41, Brazil; HKK, Thailand; Khao Chong, Thailand; Pasoh, Malaysia; Lambir, Malaysia
Harrison, Rhett UK Comparative community-wide studies of forest reproduction and pollinators in Old and New World tropical forests BCI, Panama; Yasuni, Ecuador; Khao Chong, Thailand; Pasoh, Malaysia; Lambir, Malaysia
Hiremath, Ankila India Soil resources in relation to species distribution and dynamics in Indian tropical dry forest Mudumalai, India
King, David USA Tropical tree growth in relation to neighborhood competition, crow size and illumination and irregularities in tree form Lambir and Pasoh, Malaysia
Makana, Jean- Remy Dem. Rep. of Congo Testing hypotheses on monospecific dominance in a tropical forest using large mapped plots data and seedling manipulation experiments in the Ituri Forest, Central Africa Ituri, Dem. Rep. Congo
Metz, Margaret Rowan USA Seedling dynamics in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador Yasuni, Ecuador
Munoz, Gorky Villa Ecuador The Browneagrandicepsspecies complex used to study modes of speciation in understory rain forest trees Yasuni, Ecuador; Venezuela
Perez, Rolando; Aguilar, Salomon; Deago, Jose Panama Preliminary study to evaluate the arboreal species composition, abundance, and diversity in the Panamanian forests Panama
Powers, Jennifer S. USA A mechanistic understanding of the responses of soil carbon pools in tropical forests to increasing global temperatures BCI, Panama; Yasuni, Ecuador; HKK, Thailand; Khao Chong, Thailand; Costa Rica
Sautu, Adriana Argentina Tree seed dominancy in the Panama Canal Watershed proposal Panama Watershed Canal
Schnitzer, Stefan USA The changing role of lianas and their contribution to tropical forest complexity and biomass: A multi site comparison Lambir and Pasoh, Malaysia; HKK and Doi Inthanon, Thailand
Suresh, H.S. India Reconstruction of climatic and fire of a tropical dry forest through tree ring analysis: The Mundumalai Forest Dynamics Plot Mudumalai, India
Tan, Sylvester; Itoh, Akira; LaFrankie, James Malaysia Development of botanical identification resources for Lambir hyperdiverse 52 hectare plot Lambir, Malaysia
Thomas, Duncan UK Using large forest dynamics plots to test methods for location areas of high botanical interest Korup, Cameroon
Thomas, Sean USA Leaf optical scans for rapid, comprehensive ecophysiological surveys of tropical tree floras: Characterization and cross plot comparisons of BCI, Pasoh and Ituri BCI, Panama; Pasoh, Malaysia; Ituri, Dem. Rep. Congo
Watkins, Jason USA Investigation of oomycete fungi believed to be involved in Janzen-Connell effects observed on Barro Colorado Island, Panama BCI, Panama
Yoneda, Tsuyoshi; Kuwahara,Takanori Japan Study on carbon cycling of a mature seasonal tropical rain forest in Huai Kha Khaeng, Thailand, with special reference to spatio-temporal relationships between growth and decay systems HKK, Thailand
Zapfack, Louis; Achoundong, Gaston; Nkongmeneck, Bernard Aloys Cameroon Herbaceous and epiphytic flora of the Korup Forest Dynamics Plot in Cameroon Korup, Cameroon
Cycle: 2002
Chuyong, George; Kenfack, David; Thomas, Duncan Cameroon Habitat specificity and diversity in the Korup Forest Dynamics Plot, Cameroon Korup, Cameroon
Hardesty, Denise USA Ecological and evolutionary genetics of two vertebrate-dispersed tropical trees,Symphonia globulifera Yasuni, Ecuador; BCI, Panama
John, Robert India Growth and survival of trees in relation to canopy closure in a 50-ha neotropical forest plot BCI, Panama
Madawala Weerasinghe, H. M. Sumedha P. Sri Lanka A topographic comparison of soil nutrient status in relation to habitat specialization in the 25-ha Forest Dynamics Plot at Sinharaja, Sri Lanka Sinharaja, Sri Lanka
Moscoso, Alejandra Ecuador Contribution to the taxonomical knowledge of the Myrtaceae, with special reference to the genusCalyptranthes Saw., in the Yasuní Dynamics Forest Project Yasuni, Ecuador
Muller-Landau, Helene USA Seed rain in tropical forests: Patterns, causes, and consequences for forest dynamics Luquillo, Puerto Rico; Yasuni, Ecuador; BCI, Panama; Lambir, Malaysia
Stacy, Elizabeth USA Understanding the origin of tropical tree species richness: A phylogenetic analysis of ecological data from Sinharaja’s Forest Dynamics Plot Sinharaja, Sri Lanka
Vencatesan, Jayshree India Forest reserves as refugia for human impacted biodiversity: A case study of the Forest Dynamics Plot in Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, India Mudumalai, India
Wills, Christopher UK Comparing interspecific interactions between tree species in the New- and Old World tropical forests Lambir, Malaysia; BCI, Panama
Zimmerman, Jess USA Phenologies of tropical forests: The role of light limitation Luquillo, Puerto Rico