February Virtual Seminar Series

February 17, 2021 - 9:00am to 10:00am

Register here to join us for two short talks, each followed by a time of Q&A:

1. Chris Wills: "Interactions between All Pairs of Neighboring Trees in 16 Forests Worldwide: Ecological Processes and Evolutionary Histories"

2. Kristina Anderson-Teixeira: "Using tree-ring records to simultaneously characterize the influence of climate, tree size, and slowly changing environmental drivers on annual growth"

If you are in need of live CART or ASL interpretation services, please reach out to Caly (mccarthyc@si.edu).
THIS MEETING WILL BE RECORDED. If you turn your camera or microphone on, the audio or video feed from your device may be captured on the recording and used for Smithsonian purposes. Take care to conceal from view and not share material that is private, sensitive, or confidential.